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Disclaimer and Privacy Policy

staticICE is for personal use only. By using the service provided by staticICE, you agree to be bound by the following terms of services. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions then you should exit this web site immediately.

You agree to use the service provided by staticICE as is. staticICE does not warrant and cannot be held liable for any losses, damages or privacy violation from or through the use of this site.

The content and data provided by the staticICE search engine is driven entirely by automated software. Due to the large amount of data, staticICE does not filter out or review the contents of the data. The data returned by staticICE cannot be guaranteed to be accurate and staticICE assumes no responsibility of the search results.

It is recommended that you do due diligence research before purchasing any products on the retailers' web page or using any information provided by our web site. We do not guarantee the quality of service provided by the retailers or of the availability of products - any complaints or questions should be taken directly with the respective retailer. If you have any beliefs that we should remove a retailer from our database, please contact us.

If there is any breach of conduct by staticICE, please immediately contact us and we will attend to the matter urgently.

staticICE reserves the right on making final decisions when it comes to the content displayed on our web site.
Use of staticICE
You may not resell the services provided by staticICE. The results returned by staticICE may not be taken and displayed elsewhere. You may not mirror the staticICE web site.
You may reference item prices that you found using staticICE in publications (newspapers, magazines, e-newsletter, etc) but you must clearly reference staticICE for the source of information.

No direct linking into staticICE
You may not link into our search engine from your web site without prior written consent from staticICE.
External links
staticICE is neither liable nor responsible for the content or activity of any external links from our web site.

You are also aware that by listing on staticICE that search engines spiders or bots may follow your link from staticICE and extract information from your site.

All retailers will indemnify staticICE for any loss or damage resulting from a defamation action as a result of their posted material or link. If you do not agree to these terms, you must immediately ask us to remove your site from staticICE.
Rights of change
staticICE reserves the right to modify or add to the current terms and services without notice. It is your responsibility to review these terms and conditions from time to time to be up to date of any changes.
Privacy policy
staticICE respects and protects the privacy of individuals that uses the staticICE search engine. Information identifiable to an individual will not be disclosed to any third party sources.

staticICE collects data (date/time of search, ip address, search keywords, results of search, etc...) for informational, reconciliation and reporting purposes.

staticICE uses Cookies and other technologies to collect information such as your device, browser or IP address which are used to connect you to relevant advertising mediums displayed on our web page and follow on cookies to track item purchases in order for us to earn advertising credit from our advertisers.

Reports may be shared with our business partners or advertisers but at no means are individual information disclosed.

If you have any concerns on how your data is handled, please contact us at
Data retention
staticICE will retain collected data history for as long as we reasonably require for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, reconciliation of reporting data in accordance to this Privacy Policy and for maintaining systems security.

We may retain the data to fulfil our contractual obligations to third party but at no means are collected individual data shared with any external parties.
All company names and products are copyright and/or trademarked to their respective owners.

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