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About us

staticICE is a tech price comparison search engine connecting UK consumers to the best deals and prices in computer hardware, computer software, digital SLR cameras and lenses and consumer electronics in the UK.

If you want to find the lowest price for computer hardware or digital cameras and lenses, staticICE search engine is your solution.

Mission statement

At staticICE we believe in making your search experience enjoyable. To achieve this, we set goals so we remain focused at doing what we do best and to ensure we have a long term vision of growth into the United Kingdom consumer market. Our missions are:
  • Finding innovative ways to:
    • Connect businesses to consumers
    • Provide competitive prices on computing and technology related products to consumers
  • Maintaining:
    • A comprehensive database of United Kingdom computing and technology related retailers
    • Returning some of the lowest prices for computer hardware and gadgets
  • Providing quality service for:
    • Consumers
    • Business partners
  • Simple, robust, responsive and easy to use web site
  • Regularly updated prices
  • Link integrity

staticICE UK specialises only in computing and technology related products in the United Kingdom market. We aim to provide you with a high quality price comparison service within, but not limited to, these categories:
  • Computer Hardware
    • CD ROM / DVD ROM / Blu Ray / Burners
    • Computer Cases, Case Modding and HTPC
    • Cordless Keyboards and Mice
    • Monitors and LCDs
    • CPUs, Motherboards and RAM
    • Fans and Cooling
    • Graphics tablets
    • Graphics/Video Cards
    • Hard Disks, Enclosures, NAS, SAN and Solid State Drives (SSD)
    • 3G, Cable and ADSL Modems
    • Networking, Routers, Hubs and Wireless Networking
    • Notebooks / Laptops
    • Power Supplies (PSU)
    • Printers, Scanners and Multi-functional Devices
    • Sound Cards, Speakers and Headsets
    • Web Cameras
  • Computer Software
  • Digital Camera Gear
    • Digital Cameras
    • Digital SLRs
    • Camera Lens
    • Camera Flashes
  • Consumer Electronics
    • Digital Photo Frames
    • Digital Video Cameras
    • Flash Storage - Compact Flash, SD, Memory Stick Pro/Duo/Micro, xD, MMC
    • Headphones
    • Mobile Phones, Smart Phones and PDAs
    • MP3 Players
    • Projectors
    • Satellite Navigation and GPS
    • USB Flash Drives
Contact us

If you have any enhancement requests, feedback, comments or questions please do not hesitate to email us at

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