staticICE, now on iPod touch, iPhone, iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini
With the staticICE app, you can quickly compare prices for the latest tech gear from hundreds of UK retailers when you are on the go to make sure you are getting the best deal around this Christmas.

staticICE specialises in the computer hardware and consumer electronics market. We'll find you the lowest prices around the UK for the latest motherboards, cases, graphics cards, monitors, modems, SSDs, notebooks, printers, digital SLRs, phones, tablets and so much more!

  • Quickly find and compare the best prices from hundreds of UK tech retailers

  • Quickly access previous searches in a recent search history

  • Save your favourite searches - so you can keep checking until you make that purchase

  • Refine results with a price filter

  • Email link of results to yourself

  • Connects you directly to the stores' website

  • Our content is updated daily so you get access to the latest prices and the latest products

  • We'll save you time and money!

  • iPhone 5 ready

Download the staticICE app from the App Store now.

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